ia sample rate question related to audio card (internal)?

i have a question about sample rate

do the sample rates avaible in audacity dipend by the audio card internal or external ?

or audacity can handle and work with sample rate 96000 even the audio card can not handle it?


Yes, Audacity can handle and work with 96000 sample rate (or even 192000) even if the audio card can not handle it.

For unsupported sample rates, Audacity may or may not be able to play / record. This depends on whether the sample rate can or cannot be converted on the fly, which in turn depends on the sound card drivers and sound system settings. Importing / editing / exporting should still be available up to 384000 Hz (and a bit beyond).

do you mean i can import an mp3 @48k and resample @96000 and if the audio card doesn’t support 96000 when i play the song there will be no audio output?
sorry for my poor english

In most cases, if the requested sample rate is not supported by the sound card, the audio will be automatically resampled to a supported rate on playback. When this happens, the audio data in Audacity is not affected, it’s just a playback thing.

With some set-ups, playback mail fail if the sample rate is unsupported.

What are you trying to do, and what’s the problem?

hi just a test
audacity can play any audio even i resempled at 384000 , the highest sample rate suppored by audacity
i wondering what frequency does audacity use during the playback?

Look in the right hand side of status bar at the bottom of the main Audacity window. During playback, if there are no other status bar messages in the way, it will show: “Actual Rate: xxxxx”, where “xxxxx” is the actual sample rate of the audio that Audacity is sending to the sound system.

Some sound systems may themselves resample the audio data received from Audacity, before passing the data to the sound card. Audacity has no way of knowing what the sound system does ‘under the hood’ (and I’m primarily a Linux user, so I don’t know either).

More information about status bar messages here: http://manual.audacityteam.org/man/status_bar.html