I would like to restore the quality of an audio

Audacity 2.4.2


I am not sure to be right here, but i did not find any other solution anywhere.
If i am not right, any advice is helpful.

Problem :
I recorded an audio, but i assume that an error occured during the savage and for this reason the quality results really bad.
Thanks Audacity i improved it, but i am not really satisfied about the result.
I am asking if someone could help me in order to optimize the quality of the audio i recorded.

I tried to attach the raw file but it is too large.


How to attach audio (or links to audio-files) is explained here …

[There’s now an audio file-sharing service associated with Audacity … https://audio.com/auth/sign-in ]

Thank you very much Trebor.

I attached a selected raw audio and two images, the first explaining what normally happens when i try to open the audio file (Image 1) and the second (Image 2) the parameters used to open it thanks import–>raw files.
I have got it improved just using others parameters, but not really clear (Image H illustrates the parameters used for that).


Are you sure it’s really an 8-bit recording, that’s unusually low quality.
If you look at the properties of an unbroken audio-file recorded on the same device that could reveal the true specifications for the broken audio-file.
8-bit 44100Hz seems a wrong combination to me.png

How can i properly look at the properties? Do you mean the one found in the attached image?
Screenshot (1418).png


I tried it, but unfortunately the only information given is the amount of memory and that’s a raw file.
Screenshot (1421).png
Screenshot (1420).png
Screenshot (1422).png
Screenshot (1423).png