I want to use Winamp as an INput to my audacity

I have a couple of questions:

First: I want to use my winamp player into a track. As in I want to record on the fly the music thats playing in my winamp so I can then edit it. I want to do that without a mike. How can I do that?

Secondly: Does Audacity supprts the EZDrummer ? Im a vista user and try downloading the vst bridge 1.1 but then my audicity wont load. I have to uninstall and reinstall audacity again without that plugin. So… can I use EZ drummer, if so, how can I install the vst plugin in my vista computer?

Third: I want to use plugins, compression plugins. Where can i download free plugins so i can use those in my tracks -like reverbs, pannings and compression?

Last: Is there a nice tutorial i can use for this software?

Tnx for all ur help!

Taken last first, it’s called the audacity documentation:

As far as WinAmp goes, there’s a FileWriter plug-in for winamp that creates .wav files, which you can then import into audacity.

For plug-ins see the audacity website: http://audacityteam.org/download/plugins

Tnx for ur answer.
I can’t find the winamp plugin you talked about.

I have seen what I told you: while the winamp is playing, the audacity is recrding whatever the winampsplaying. That would be preferable.

In that case, you want to record the speaker output (which may or may not be exactly what Winamp is playing):

If you have trouble getting it to work read the grey box at the top of this link:

Not all hardware supports this recording source, so you may be out of luck.