I want to use my media file to 'speak' to a website

My name is Divij and I’m posting here for the 1st time.

My audacity version no. is 2.1.3

I am currently working in a job that has required that i use instructions off a manual which is in audio format. it is in german and i dont know the language. i found a website that converts german language to english but it can only take sound off my mic. i changed the google chrome setting of mic. i know the wasapi function of audacity.

however, i donot know the final part of what needs to be done. plz, can some1 explain to me in reasonably simple terms how to have my media file on vlc ‘speak’ to the website as if i was speaking in german. my sanity depends upon this.

Thank you very much.

If that’s true, then the only solution that I can think of would be to play a recording of audio that you want to translate, so that your computer microphone can hear it.
It would perhaps be worth contacting the support channel for the translation service to ask if there’s a better solution. I don’t think that the Audacity application can help with this job.

That is sad to here…however, let me give it 1 last try!!!

in my chrome settings chrome://settings/content/microphone,
i have changed my audio input from microphone to stereo mix…will this help in some ways?


It may help, but that web application has nothing to do with Audacity. We can provide technical support for Audacity because it is an application that we know inside out, whereas we probably know less about the German translation web app than you do, and certainly less about it than whoever created that on-line service.

ok…i figured it out!!!

in case anyone is interested in what i did…

download & install virtual audio streaming software.

open it

left side…real microphone input

rightclick speakers then playback/ recording

playback option…default device is speakers (virtual audio streaming driver (WDM/DRM))

recording option…microphone

open in chrome… https://www.speechtexter.com/

in chrome, goto chrome://settings/content/microphone and use rec play (2 virtual audio etc. etc.)

open the vlc file…

translation will happen in seperate place…copy paste anywhere