I want to teach people DSp of sound as the signal

Dear Audacity friends,
I am a professor in a local university in department of Electrical and computer Engineering Technology.
I want people to learn an implement DSP related C++ or C code.
my students are well versed in C++.
I want them to start with capturing sound signal and then write their processing software. What help I can get from you in this regard.
We use the new Borland C++ compiler (Embarcadero).
Any help to start, Please respond. thanks.
Omer farook…

Probably not much I’m afraid. This is essentially an Audacity user help forum. There are very few software developers here.
If you wish to examine the Audacity code, it is available here: http://code.google.com/p/audacity/source/checkout
I’d also recommend this as a good, freely available resource concerned with DSP: http://www.dspguide.com/pdfbook.htm

Thanks Steve,
I want to show students how to get started with voice processing. They could participate in Audacity project. I want to have a starting place…
For instance you you capture your equivalent to “Hello world!” of a program save it to any array then from go on to designing filters and
then some samples of their implementation in C++. On these lines.
Omer Farook

Have a look at PortAudio.