I want to report some frauders that is happening on the Microsoft Store.

Dear Audacity Team,

I am writing to you as i have seen some concerning activity on Microsoft Store involving the teams Product and I believe it need to come into the interest of the company.

There are two so called companies? That are saying they publish your software on Microsoft Store. One using the official site and so called support linking to the site on the what their calling Audacity 2. They are trying to sell it for 79p GBP and are calling them self RepackerExpress.com. There is another so called company that is trying to sell the software also on the Microsoft Store calling it Audacity Free and are trying to sell it for £4.29 GBP and are calling them self Aadhil RF.

The links are here:

I hope to hear from you soon and I also look forward to using the official software from your site.
Best Regards
Audacity supporter

Thanks for the report. I’ll pass this on to the Audacity Team.

Thank you. I also seen a site of RepackerExpress.com and all the software including audacity is there.