i want to record one-sided at a time

i want to recored a ring or short voice that in first second i will hear it with my only left ear and than i will hear it only with my other ear (i will use headphones)
how can i do it?

Record or import the show as stereo so the work appears on both left and right at the same time (One above the other). Then use the little black arrow on the left of the track to Split Stereo Track.

Use the Time Shift Tool (buttons on the top, two sideways black arrows), click on the bottom track and push sideways. When you play the work, the left will sound first then the right.

Use the left black arrow again and Make Stereo Track. Then export to the sound file you want. MP3 is not available as export without adding software to Audacity.



Thank you i have done it
now it is separate for two tracks in other time but i need to hear one second one ear than one second second ear than first ear than the second ear ect…
so i have to split every tarck and postpone it. how can i do it

Try Audio Chunker plug-in to insert silences in both tracks then time shift one of the tracks http://forum.audacityteam.org/download/file.php?id=8481 . Add the plug-in to the Audacity plug-ins folder then restart Audacity.