i want to play through with a delay

Windows 7 ultimate x64
i want to play back audio that i am recording but with an adjustable delay. i would like to adjust the delay between 10-40ms.
i can easily overdub and playthrough what i am listening without a delay but i wish to have a delay. this latency doesn’t take affect until after i stop recording and doesn’t affect when i just monitor in the meter window

i would also like to invert live recordings while i record them and playthrough the delayed version on top of the inverted version but each with its own adjustable delay.
does anyone have any plugin started for something similar to this or know how to do this?

i do not need to record necessarily.

thanks in advance

Audacity is a post-production editor and doesn’t do anything in real time. The latency adjustment is for matching your live performance to the recording during overdubbing and doesn’t affect playthrough delay in your headphones. Koz

i have been realizing that.
do you know of software to use to do the real time adjustment with minimal delay. even beyond the delay of being noticeable (>15ms for fast ears) is fine because it’s the behind the scenes speaking that needs to be played through the speakers with an effect

Like I posted in an earlier thread, the only way I ever got that to work was borrowing the demo version of a very large audio program and use the demo delay feature which never timed out on the demo. The program didn’t belong to me, so I can’t even get you that far. It was for a communications testing tool.



That’s ok I’ll let you know what I find. I need to test a few things

i can not find software. can you give me the name or a hint to where to start to edit the audio real time?
really appreciate it.

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I’ll add your vote that Audacity should have real-time effects.

What you could do is get a real time VST host such as http://www.hermannseib.com/english/vsthost.htm or http://www.tobybear.de/p_minihost.html then record the host’s output into Audacity.


thank you, i will look into it.
should this thread not be here?
i have given a college the task of doing an affect in real time. i have not checked with him on any progress for audacity.
i found cinelerra and i will test that soon but it’s only for linux

I think it will be most useful to others where I moved it now (Audio Processing).

Audacity won’t be implementing real-time effects any time soon so there is probably not a lot of use asking about programming aspects of your college’s real time effect here. No Audacity developers read this Forum on a regular basis.


One problem you’re going to have that crops up for everyone — particularly those trying to overdub — is computer delay. Getting in and out of the computer takes time and always results in a echo in your headphones when listening to yourself. There are some soundcards that “short-circuit” the pathway and split the sound as it enters the soundcard. It sends part to the computer, but the other part back to you immediately. This headphone sound is very fast with no echoes, but obviously, you’re not listening to the actual computer processing any more, so computer effects don’t appear.

People design Digital Audio Workstations (DAW) for a reason. It’s very difficult to force a general purpose, consumer computer to do sound tricks. One of the reasons Pro Tools® was mind-bendingly expensive for so long was it came with a pile of electronics that essentially did the sound and relegated the computer to flashing the lights and saving the files.