I want to name al lot of Labels in 1 click from a excell doc

About: giving a lot of names to a lot of labels

Hi! I am working on a big e-learning as a voice-over. In one file I have al lot of spoken lines. All these line need another name. I know how to work with labels and how to name them (see the picture). but now I would like to now if it is possible to name a lot of labels. Because I have the names, in and excell. Now it is all 1, 2,3. but is has to be somelike NWS1, NWS2, NWS7 etc. I have the names in a sheet. So it is possible to fix this?

Thanks a lot!
all the best, Nienke

Yes. Export > Labels; Import > Labels.

hmmm, thanks so far! I am trying, and get the point. When I export I have this txt file. if I work in that and I IMPORT again, than it works. But somehow, I am not able to c/p the whole name from my excell into this txt file… any good idea?

So it would be hard to say what is going on without looking at your files.

Personally, I use LibreOffice instead of Excel. I can import the .TXT file using tabs as delimiters, make my changes then Save As .CSV. It works pretty smoothly for me in the past.

Thx Jademan! I tried some nerd stuff with Word and Excel and I fixed it! Thanks for helping me out!
Making this job a bit easier!

All the best!

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