I want to delve into the audio programming side of things but not sure where to start.

C++ is a huge, and massively complicated language. If you are serious about mastering C++, expect it to take 10+ years of study and practice.

What sort of things do you want to program?

Audacity has a programming language.


People use it to abbreviate and automate audio tasks, such as squooshing the three Audiobook Mastering tasks down to one instruction or Macro.

Like a lot of other things, programming appeals to a certain mindset. When I was in school, we had programming courses and I vividly remember slogging through a lesson (correctly, as it turns out) and then looking over to my neighbor’s lesson. He had done exactly the same job at twice the speed and half the programming steps.

OK. So a career in programming is not for me.


That’s not to say we’re completely shut out of programming. We’re just not C++ candidates.

Audacity Projects use programming.

That’s a segment of a Music Project. It’s written in XML, Extensible Markup Language. Audacity makes that thing, but it’s really handy to know enough about it to know when it’s screwing up.

I’m a Dot-Com. I wrote most of my web page myself in HTML. Hyper Text Markup Language on a text editor such as TextEdit or NotePad. That’s programming. This is a section from the web page on Audacity.

You can tell it was written by a human because of all the white spaces between sentences. That’s a complete waste of time for a machine. That’s so I can find stuff.