I want to convert musics to 432 Hz but when i download the videos from youtube the files are incompatible


I am Velorace, an Independent Research and Philosopher, and currentily I am trying to do the project of a research to see and evaluate if it’s possible doing and translating musics and songs from their original disharmonic frequency (440 Hz) to their natural harmonic frequency (432 Hz). The problem is, when I tried to conclude upon this project of research, I thought it would be relatively slight, and tight simple. According to some sources onto the internet, it is said that “all that it is needed to do” in order to change and swipe a file from their natural disharmonic frequency (440 Hz) to their original harmonic frequency (432 Hz) it is said that all we need to do in order to do that, is simply to download the music you want to convert (in pitch) to the natural frequency of 432 you wish to get in order to finally convert and transvert the audio in it’s whole.

The thing is, from what i’ve experienced, and from what i’ve researched, doing so actually creates or generates another problem: When we are attempting to do so, the files we come up with we are trying to s-

Guys, I need help in the following statement of the question. My audio files on Audacity are not the same file as audacity allows it, and i’m currentily trying every single way I can to download a free video from youtube through a free software and swap the files using the softwares listed for free in Pc.mag dot com, which is the most trusty source for finding these kinds of softwares to download youtube videos. I want to download youtube videos and convert their songs to 432 Hz, I do not pretend to steal their views or anything, just publish them on youtube like that so that it encourages producers to do the same. Anyway…

Im having lots of troubles and difficulties with that, since the format files i’ve been downloading thorugh software on Youtube and Audacity have been giving me problems.

The current free softwares offers paid premium plans to download videos from supportable formats by Audacity, and it appears the only way possible I found to prevent this (paying to these softwares so they can steal my money) is to use a form to download these videos through a very specific format called m4a which is said to be currentily supported by the “extensive expanded ““Optional”” Library add-on” (Which I sincerely don’t understand why simply not add it automatically on Audacity, since it may help to solve THESE kinds of problems i’m experiecing… Whatevs! Anyway… Here is the thing:

I feel like I need help with this issue, and I need to find a way to bring the formats of my files the exact way I need to put them back on Audacity so the program can read it, and I can make the pitch transfer.

Problem, if the program can’t read, the file, i can’t make the pitch transfer, so I can’t achieve the result of the project of research I am conducting.

And then comes the fact that all free software requeires “premium” currencies and “plans” in order to translate to the actual file formats I need to make the transfer. I don’t know if this is intended, or ill-inteded, but, I want and I would like to make this project with a method for people to do it for free, whiteout the need of all these complications i’m currentily experiencing.

Either I am doing everything wrong, either I am trying to do somebody or someoene else never tried to do, or either something really bad and defintely wrong is going on with how things work in the internet in how we can make this project, and this idea, come true.


I need this… Project concluded, because I want to see and hear the current music i’m listening to 432 Hz, but it hardens me to think they have been translated to a evil demonic unnatural frequency called 440 which simply doesn’t exists on the universe. Well…

I want to hear my musics in 432 hz…

But if the program can’t read my files, then what can I do?

I tried… Everything…

Please, help.

You can record the audio while it’s playing: [u]Tutorial - Recording Computer Playback on Windows[/u]

Then you can export as WAV (before and/or after changing the pitch). Or you can export as MP3, etc.

their original disharmonic frequency (440 Hz)

There is nothing “disharmonic” about 440Hz. :wink: Harmonics are relative so when you change the pitch down by about 2% ALL of the notes & harmonics are shifted down by about 2% and everything remains “harmonious”.

There’s nothing “magical” about tuning to A=432Hz. There are higher notes and lower notes, but 432Hz is in-between notes on the [u]standard western scale[/u].

A = 440Hz is simply a tuning standard. There has to be a standard so all of the instruments can be made & tuned to play in-tune. Real music contains many simultaneous notes, overtones, and harmonics but not all songs contain every note so it might not contain any “A” notes.

I do not pretend to steal their views or anything, just publish them on youtube like that so that it encourages producers to do the same.

It’s generally a copyright violation to re-publish someone else’s work. (It’s actually a violation of YouTube’s rules to simply record it and that’s why there is no “download” button.) But I think there are some exceptions where the original artist gets paid when somebody plays your copy so you might have to research that.

Do not recommend publishing work by others on youtube. However, understand what you are trying to do.

Need to adjust the tempo first and then if needed the pitch. Only once have I needed to adjust the pitch first.

There is indeed a difference. Prince and Hendrix both knew it.

Regardless, if you do upload an altered version of a music selection to youtube, suggest including spoken dialog what you are doing along with placing the disclaimer clause beneath it.