I want to change an input frequency and output frequency. Is there a free plugin VST or NY that can do this?

A compressor changes an input volume with a different output. A equalizer changes the volume of certain frequencies. What I want to do is input the frequency and output it as a different frequency. Most of the ones (plus a few other programs) I use are demos, and I want to find one that always works, is free, and fully functional. Linear is easier to find, but what about logarithmic and exponential for pitch and not just frequency?

Do you know a plugin or app that does this (Like inverting the line from Low Hz to High Hz would reverse frequency or pitch, or a straight line would be one sine tone)?

Please, I want it to be…
Free, Fully Functional, Works For Lifetime. (Maybe portable to different computers too, if possible.)

I assume that you are still referring to the same effect as your other topics?

Please, if anything, could you at least tell me what the effect is called? An equalizer changes how loud a frequency is, a compressor changes input volume with another output volume. A xxx changes input pitch/frequency with another output pitch/frequency.

What is “xxx”? Maybe it would improve my Google search.

A “pitch shifter” changes the pitch / frequency.

Audacity has two pitch shifters (“Change Pitch” and “Sliding Stretch”), but if this post is about the same topic as your other posts, then it seems that you don’t want a normal pitch shifter.

That only divides and multiplies the pitch. I found some that adds and subtracts (Hz), but I want to do something like using curves or lines to the input audio, change the frequencies and output the audio with frequencies altered by the curves/lines.

I really don’t want to have to use an equalizer and make over 20000 sounds with each hertz, use change pitch to reverse or change the order of each frequency, and combine all of that back. That is just a pain in the neck… However, I have done it with octaves in a different program, without changing semitones/notes. (Up an octave would double hertz or increase 12 semitones.) But it still “hertz” to do, like, 5 to 12 octaves, LOL