i want the back ground music but not the person singing.

Please help!!! i only have 3 months to make a christmas present for my mom. i wanted to get her favorite christmas songs and have me singing them instead of the acctual singer. i imported the track on to audacity but i can’t get the voice to go away but the background music to stay so that i can sing with the background music! please please help i really really wanted to do this for her!

thank you for your support

Hi, there is a question like this in the frequently asked questions, basically you wanna do karaoke
go here to have a look


ive never tried it so i dont know it works

It’s all based on the Center Pan Remover tool. It’s about 2/3 of the way down this pile.


I think it’s a Nyquist Plugin but you may also need the VST Enabler tool:


You need that to get some of the other plugs to work. I don’t remember if Center Pan Remover is one of those.

The tool only works under some very strict conditions. The show must be in stereo. The vocal must be in the exact middle of the left-right sound field. There has to be no echo or effects on the vocal and you need to know that anything else in the middle (like drums) will go, too. Everything in the center will go which is why it’s call the Center Pan Remover tool.

You will end up with a mono track, hopefully, without the lead vocal.