I want Clear Voice with this recording

Hello :smiley:

Please, with this recording sample I want more clear voice without surround and echo
How can I do it with Audacity 2.3.3 ? wich filter ?
I want only voice of speaker as clear as possible…
Many Thanks.

Audacity can’t remove reverberation or echoes.

That sounds like an add-on reverb effect.
De-Reverb plugin$ do better with those than real-world reverberation, but the end result is obviously processed …

Many thanks :smiley: … I will try it and try after compression + equalizer… :bulb:

Compression will make reverb worse: it will make the decay longer.
An expander (which is the opposite of a compressor) would hasten the decay of the reverb, but won’t get rid of it.
Equalizer won’t make any difference: the reverb has the same frequency content as the voice.

Ok Trebor

Last question please: Can Audacity isolate voice ?

many thanks

Not in the example you’ve provided.
If the recording was stereo sometimes vocal isolation is possible.
https ://manual.audacityteam.org/man/tutorial_vocal_removal_and_isolation.html

Does this help?

Sometimes you can use Noise Reduction in strange ways.

I selected some of the echo-only at 4 seconds and used that as the profile. Select the whole clip > Effect > Noise Reduction > 12-6-6.

Then I selected some of the echo at 1-1/2 seconds. Select the whole clip > Effect > Noise Reduction > 12-6-6.

The clip isn’t very long, but I noticed the echo takes the character of the hall, not just the speaker. You can use that to attack the echo without damaging the voice too much.


This may be a little better. I used the Profiles from the same places, but I used a gentler Noise Reduction of 9-6-6.

It’s a little less likely to dump the volume when his voice goes down at the end.


Thank you very very much guys :slight_smile: