I want 2.1.2 back. Chains not working.

Hi I’m really just not liking the new audacity software version 2.2.2 and I desperately want to go back to my previous version which I believe was 2.1.2. One of the issues I’m having is that my chains don’t work on this version, another is that my program keystrokes don’t all work. And much more.

The error message I am getting when I try to apply my chain is: Noise Gate could not load settings below default settings will be used gain -
L = 0.000000 R = 0.000001 = 10.0000 makeup equals no thresh equals 3.000 type equals soft limit and then the only option you have is to press okay and then if you press okay the chain doesn’t work

I am using Windows 10 FYI.

Thank you SO much!

Because there were so many keyboard shortcuts by default, it was difficult for users to find available keys for making custom shortcuts. It was therefore decided to have a smaller set of pre-defined shortcuts by default, with the full set (or a custom set) as other options.

Which shortcuts do you miss from the new default set?

To enable the full set, see: Shortcuts Preferences - Audacity Manual

Is that the exact error message? It doesn’t look right to me. In particular, “L = 0.000000 R = 0.000001 = 10.0000” looks very strange.
If it really does say that, then I suspect that the problem is unrelated to the upgrade.

Audacity 2.1.2 is available from Audacity download latest version, however, it would really be very helpful for us if we can determine what the actual problems are before you downgrade. We will be releasing Audacity 2.3.0 very soon, and we want it to be the best version ever, so if there are problems, we need to know what they are so that we can address them.

I kinda’ like the new default set because it doesn’t hog so many keys. So about half of my shortcuts are default, and the other half are custom… which are easier to remember if you make them up…

Would not recommend going back to 2.1.2 because 2.2.2 handles track manipulation better, especially with Label Tracks, and Sync is improved. Good news that 2.3.0 is coming out soon! Just to reiterate, Label Track integration is important here.


I get the same error the fist time I use some commands in a new session.
I believe it is happening with *.ny plug-ins that are added on (not the as-shipped effects).