I´ve cut applause on mp3, but not its timeline.....


I look in all postings, but could not find the answer for my next problem.

I use Windows Movie Maker.
To make slide shows of music scores and its audio.

At the end of a mp3 there’s sometimes applause from the audience.
I cut that.

But…after doing so, the initial mp3 timeline remains in tact.
So, when the slide show is finished, the mp3 timeline still continues.

Meaning that a saved file will be larger also because of this.
And at YouTube it will continue and continue…

I hope you understand my problem.

Would you have any suggestions for
cutting at the mp3 end AND shorten its timelength?

The Netherlands

you can look for my YouTube contribs.
Just search for nico1096 at http://www.youtube.com

sounds like a movie maker problem — if you actually delete from the track with audacity the timeline should change but if you change applause to silence then the timeline will stay at the original size.
how did you use audacity with moviemaker??

Hi Whomper,

Thnx for yr reply.

As I remember I actually cut “the applause” at the end of mp3.
Yet, at the right end of the audio track I see a light-grey area (where the sound was).

Then saved it as .mp3 thru File > Export (previously installed this method by LAME).

importing this .mp3 in WMM and dragging it to its audio track, it shows its continuing timeline,
though there is no sound.
I’ve also re-done the Audicity saving process with Cut and with Remove.
No result in a shorter timeline in WMM.

Perhaps my response gives you a link towards the solution?

Suppose you edit a mp3 “cutting a piece at the end”.
What then would be your handling in terms of keystrokes, etc.?

Hope to hear from you.

The Netherlands

how can I attach a screenshot to these message,
so I can give an impression what I have on my screen?

that is strange. i am not an expert with audacity – this may be a bug or it may be something that I do not understand — but can you select the part you do want , and then cut it , paste it into a new track, and then get the timeline you want. if that works then ignore the original track and use the good one you pasted. i am sure that if you had a wav file originally and did your editing and then converted to mp3 that you could remove the silence as you first tried. not sure why that does not work directly on mp3 file.