I think I want to change the inflection on a closing to a presentation


I’m not sure I’m asking this right, but I have a “thank you for taking the time to be with us” as the ending to a presentation. The “with us” has an inflection that makes it sound like the sentence is going to continue, sort of an “upwards” inflection - if I’m saying that correctly.

I wanted to change it so that the inflection decreases, I think, thus making it sound like the sentence is ending. The recording came from a Zoom meeting.

Can anyone help me do that?



Did you do the recording?

If so. Set the call up again, call anybody and re-record the last sentence or so. Play the original in your ear a couple of times to get the rhythm down. Edit your brains out.

Effect > Change Pitch is one of the effects with high distortion. It tries to rip the pitch layers apart, shuffle them around a bit and then smash the whole thing back together. All without changing the timing. It’s as graceful as it sounds.

Someone will correct me, but I don’t think you can “fade in” the effect. Maybe you can.

All that and Audacity can’t split a mixed show into individual voices, instruments, and sounds, so the natural background noises are going to shift, too, making it sound like a spaceship landing.

Announce it again.


Seems to me there used to be a sliding pitch effect in Audacity. See:


I say “used to be” because when I looked at my audacity 2.4.2 today, I did not see it listed. However, it does seem to be in my Tools>Add/Remove Plugins, you so you might find it there. If not, someone else here may know if it can be downloaded from somewhere.

Audacity 2.4.2 has the “Sliding Stretch” effect and it is enabled by default.
If it is not present on your machine you could try resetting Audacity (“Tools menu > Reset Configuration”)

Post back how it goes, with a sample.


Thanks for the feedback - I did find the Sliding Stretch Effect under the built in Effects. I’ll give it a try tonight when I’m home and post what I come up with. Should be interesting as there are quite a few combinations to mess with.

Okay, so I ended up using a Time Track (see image). I have a long way to go, but there was some improvement (or maybe just change) :smiley:.

The time track adjusts the speed and the pitch if I’m reading it right. But the learning curve on all these adjustments is quite long and so I’ll need to spend some time to see if I can improve things.

I’m not specifically working for the best results on this particular clip as I agree that the best thing would be to re-record it. But now, I’m interested in playing around to see just what can actually be done.

Anyway, here is the original and adjusted audio based on the the Time Track shown below.

Thanks for your help.


I don’t hear any difference between the two clips. Is this a bookkeeping error? I did download two different files.



I believe I forgot to render the track and so when I exported it, it did not export the revised file.

I’ll have to re-run the adjustment tomorrow and re-submit - sorry.


We were on the edges of our seats…


Hmmm, sorry for raising the anticipation level - almost like the election results.

I tried about an hours worth of adjusting and was unable to get anything that sounded good :frowning: .

I will either take out the ending or find something else in the audio that will work.

Thanks for the suggestions and the feedback - its always appreciated.


was unable to get anything that sounded good

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I will either take out the ending or find something else in the audio that will work.

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