I suddenly lost the ability to record??

I’ve been using Audacity for quite some time now and just ran into this problem. Yesterday, I recorded a track with no problems. Today, Audacity’s record function works but doesn’t actually record anything (it produces a track as if no sound is input). I don’t understand what happened as I didn’t change any settings. The mic works on a friend’s computer so it isn’t my mic (plus my computer reads the mic as an activated device in the control panel). My USB reads flashdrives so I know it isn’t the USB port. I’ve checked input and output volume. Can anyone help? Why will the program suddenly NOT record after working fine a day earlier?

I apologize if this problem has been addressed in the forums already. I have very little internet access and don’t have too much time to do a lot of searching (which I am currently doing). Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Specifics are good. We know nothing about your system or microphone and you posted in a generic portion of the forum.

“I’m using an XYZ USB microphone model 2 connected to an HP Tercera laptop computer using Windows Vista operating system. I’m using Audacity version 2.0.2”


I apologize. I was in a rush and forgot haste makes waste.

I’m using an AT2020 USB mic plugged into an HP Pavilion p6310f that runs Windows 7. And I’m using Audacity version 2.0.2.

Were you using another USB cable on your friend’s computer? A loose or bad cable can often be the problem.

For further debugging, see if you can record using Windows Sound Recorder (search for that by clicking the Windows globe bottom left).