I suddenly have drop outs..

Hello, I made a previous post about this problem, not knowing how to call it since I had the dutch version installed.
I now switched to the english version installed and that helped.

Apparently I have trouble with drop outs or clicks in my recording track.
I walked through all the steps given in this post:

Still, the dropouts appear and my audio sounds tuned lower then the actual recording should sound like.
I made no changes to my pc or Audacity, the dropouts just suddenly appeared.

I don’t know how to fix this and can’t think of anything.

Note: my audio recording (guitar tracks or vocal tracks) only show dropouts when I add a mp3 file to the mix.
If I delete the mp3 file, the dropouts don’t appear!
It’s like I can’t record new audio while playing over an mp3…

Anyone familiair with this?
Thank in advance,

Ensure that Windows is fully updated. If Windows is updating in the background it can slow down the machine considerably and cause drop-outs.

Windows will normally perform its maintenance tasks at night, but if you normally turn the computer off at night, then it may have a lot of catching up to do. (This happened to me, and it took 3 days of updates and repeated reboots for it to catch up and sort itself out).

I found my answer in the troubleshooting parts of this site!
It took alot of messing around but I found the problem.

My bitrate (believe it’s called that) was changed in my windows audio control settings.
I adjusted it back to I believe 44100, and now it works again!

Thanks for updating us with the solution.

For me, my case is even more silly. It turns out that the USB port I was using is not up to standard. I simply have to change to another USB port to plug in my Blue Yeti mic. And no more dropouts. Problem solved.