I suddenly can't record while listening with my bluetooth headphones


I’m kind of new with audacity, but have plenty of experience with other DAWs like GB or AL …

I record radio show with audacity, and last ones i manage to record from my mixing app (beatport DJ app, which works on Google Chrome) while listening to the output with my bluetooth headphones

now it doesn’t work anymore, and i tried every combination of input and output, and just can’t find a way to make it work

My only solution at this point is Host:MME playing device(and therefore my output on beatport):Windows Sound Mapper -output , and recording device : Stereo Mix RealTek device

I can’t remeber how i had it before, but it definitely would was possible for me to listen to the sound on my bluetooth head phones while recordingh

i did update since it worked so that might be it

let me know what it could be, ask me all the necessary questions

thank you

So it works fine for me when I specify Host:WASAPI and Recording Device: Headphones …(loopback)

Interesting… that’s definitely not what i was doing and when i tried that last night it would make the sound in my headphones about half as loud, an wouldn’t record my beatport mix… i checked and it would record my voice when i would talk in my headphones, like a mic

But I’ll try this as soon as I can get to my setup and report to you

Thanks Jademan,

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