i still cant get the hang of.....

i still dont get the hang of the noise reduction.when i use it as directed all i get is the volume gets lowered.i tried to highlight the whole file i was told that too much.i just
clicked on the file then let it get a profile.hit preview then tried to use the sliders and all it did was lower the volume for the file…is that what it does?if so it stinks then.


Some notes.

The noise reduction in Audacity 1.2 sucks, almost always.

So in Audacity 1.3…

You don’t let it get a profile, you have to force it. Find a portion of the show with noise only and no performance. Get the profile from that noisy section.

Then select the whole show (or a small portion if its a three-hour show)and apply the noise reduction.

Generic settings of 12 dB Reduction, Smoothing 400, Delay 0.

“Noise” has to be constant between the time you took the profile and the time you applied the correction. It will get rid of constant microphone hiss and air conditioner rumble, and mixer hum. It will not affect a MetroBus starting up or a jet going over.

Another common problem is getting rid of background conversations that interfere with a spoken show. You can’t do that. All those people are performers.


this is a music file not a live performance…



What’s wrong with it? And don’t tell me “It’s noisy.” I got it that far. What kind of noise? What is it about the performance you’re trying to fix?

We also note that the more highly compressed the performance, the less successful the reduction. If you try to repair a live capture with high-quality microphone and very good quality sound file standards, the chances of success are excellent compared to trying to repair background hiss on a clip you got from YouTube.