I sound like I have my head in a bucket

Part of my job is to make little demo videos for my employer. I am not an expert in this. I use a Fifine K678 mic and a MacBook Pro; I have Audacity v. 3.3.3. When I started doing this, the sound was amazing , without any adjustments besides a little noise reduction. Then it started sounding like I had my head in a bucket. I tried messing with a bunch of settings, but nothing really helped. Magically, a couple months ago, it got better. Today, it sounds tinny again. Any ideas why this happens?
(Edited to add: I just realized I asked this same question last December; the only response was “you’re probably recording with your built-in mic”; I assure you I have checked the input settings)

Also, I’m getting an “exception code 0x1” error message; I saw on other threads that this might be related to the 3.4 update, but I’m using 3.3.3.

About the only way to avoid problems like this is not use the computer for any other jobs during the project (after you get it running), and then stop doing updates.

Personal voice recording is right at the bottom of sound priorities. Skype, Zoom, Meetings and other chat applications are at the top followed by multi-player games. Then come the computer native internal filters and processes and then, near the bottom, the microphone’s own driver software. Each of these levels is trying to “help you” by filtering out background noise, echoes, and, in the case of chat, keeping the two directions from interfering with each other.

By far the most stable way to deal with this is record on a stand-alone sound recorder, or your phone.

I’m not kidding.


You might try to divorce your Mac from all this by restarting it and then only run Audacity to record your voice. My personal preference is disconnect the network, too. Click the Fan in upper right> Turn WiFi Off.

Or. Apple (upper left) > System Preferences > Network > Configure > Off.

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