I seem to record unplugged speakers...

I’m trying to record some gameplay footage and have run into a problem. Audacity seems to record anything that comes out of my headset. But that’S not the tricky part! Oh no, not at all! Audacity even records it when my headset isn’t plugged in at all! Even with no audio output device plugged in, I can’t seem to not record what my pc is producing soundwise… any ideas into solving this weird issue?

I’m trying to record some gameplay footage…

Most people are trying to record gameplay footage and their voice. If that what you’re doing?

It’s probably good to know which Windows, which game, and which Audacity, all three numbers. Laptop?

And what’s the job? “I’m recording gameplay commentary…” We can’t start in the middle of a configuration mistake and back out. We need to figure out what’s there.


Audacity doesn’t like running with other sound managers…like games. You may get crazy connection and pathways , or you may get one recording, but it will refuse to do two or more.

We’ve been recommending FRAPS as a game recording software package that “knows” how to manage multiple game and voice sound pathways.



I am trying to do voice on audacity and gamesounds on Dxtory.
As a test I just played some youtube video while recording my speaking to listen how much my speakers would get picke up. but then I noticed that no matter how low I put the sound output to my headset, even unplugging the headset, it would still record the sounds coming from the video as I’m talking…

Using Windows 10 PC no laptop, audacity 2.1.1 and which game doesn’t really matter I guess

Audacity only records from one source at a time.

So if you were wanting to record your mic and gameplay simultaneously in Audacity then you can only do that by feeding the mic into the output and recording from stereo mix or similar input for recording computer playback.

If you only want to record the mic in Audacity, then choose the mic input in Device Toolbar and wear headphones or a headset. We don’t know what mic, headphones or headset you have so we can’t help you with configuration. If it’s a gaming headset, look in its control panel for audio routing options.


It’s just a cheap trust a cheap Trust standalone microphone. I just want to record voice with audacity and use dxtory to record the game sounds. The issue I’m facing is audacity records my headphones very faintly, but audible even when they aren’t even plugged in. it’s not set to stereomix at all

Choose the mic input explicitly in Device Toolbar.

We don’t know what exact microphone model number or headphones you have or how they connect to the computer so we can’t really help you. If it is a mic that connects to the mic input of the computer and the headphones connect to the computer’s audio output, try USB headphones instead. They may have better isolation from the built-in sound card and you could disable the built-in audio output if necessary.

Also in case Dxtory is the problem, try other software for recording the game video and audio. If you have Skype, turn it off, because it manipulates audio pathways.