I saved three speaking tracks on top off each other. HELP

I interviewed a guest the other day and did the interview in 3 sections. I moved them all to one file with separate tracks. I had to go out, so quickly saved the files. Now I have the 3 tracks talking over each other. Any suggestions on how I could remedy my stuff up. I have tried to find history, but can’t. I want to find the original files. Is that impossible? Please help if you can. I am publishing on Monday/

If it’s been saved (i.e. exported) as a mono WAV or MP3, and the voices overlap, then sorry no, it’s not possible to recover the individual tracks from that mix-down.

If you saved as an Audacity project, and can see 3 separate tracks, then you still have the originals.

Three tracks one above the other will play at the same time, but are still separate tracks. You can press SOLO (on the left) and listen to one at a time.

Select one of the tracks (again on the left) and File > Export > Export Selected Audio > WAV (Microsoft) and Audacity will export just that one track as a perfect quality WAV file. Repeat for the other two.

Do Not use MP3 for this step. MP3 creates sound distortions when it works and should never be used in the middle of production.

Export Selected Audio. If you use simple EXPORT by accident, Audacity will smash everything together into one sound file permanently.

Save the three tracks one above the other as a Project and Audacity will retain the three separate tracks. It is urged strongly that you Export Selected Audio as soon as possible.