I recorded over my file

Hello humans , I need help. I recorded a two-hour podcast and, when it came time to edit, I accidentally saved it. Can you guys help me get it back? This is very important for me! thanks in advance. :wink:

You “Saved” the Audacity Project? So what is the problem? Did you also close the project and now you can’t find the project that you saved? Your question doesn’t make sense. :confused:

ooo, my distraction, i silenced my project before save. Can I get it back?

If you mean “muted” (clicked the track “Mute” button), then you can just click it again to unmute, but I guess you mean that you actually converted the tracks to “silence” (flat line).

If you converted the tracks to silence, or deleted the track before saving, and closed the project after saving, and you have no backups, then it is almost certainly gone forever. If you did not close the project, then you should be able to use “Undo” (Ctrl + Z) to wind back to the point before you silenced it.

I missed the project then. thank you.