i really need help with this

ok, so this has been asked loads of times but i really need help with this. i’m doing a series of voices for a halloween party and i need help doing Dalek, Cyberman and Davros voices… can someone please help me with this

For a Dalek, use a “ring modulator” against a frequency of about 30 Hz (LADSPA plug-in “Ringmod wih LFO”), then add a bit of “Chorus” effect.

Sorry, I can’t remember what Cybermen sound like.

These are the settings I use… you probably won’t need the pitch change in the beginning, I’m female so I add that to sound a bit more male.

Cybermen Voice:

Pitch: -40
-----Decay amount: 10
-----Delay Time: .01
-----Number of Echoes: 30
timeshift 2nd sample slightly
Quick Mix
Pitch: -35

Pitch: -15
-----Root Pitch: .003
-----Speed: .01
-----Amount: .01

Cybermen other:
-----Root Pitch: .033
-----Speed: 0
-----Amount: 0

How exactly did you get the killerringer to have the specified root pitch? Mine only goes down to 22.