I really need help with this - not sure where to ask.

I’m doing this for my sister as she is off to compete in Florida at the end of July in a Miss International beauty pageant. She is currently Miss Teen Galaxy Wales 2013/14 in the UK.

The pageant director wants her to have a track to walk on stage to, but she wants the track to be made up of 3 songs they are.

1 - UK National Anthem - approx. 1 min (fading into)
2 - UK National Anthem Remix - approx. 1 min (fading into)
3 - Gangham Style - approx. 1.min (just the chorus of the song repeated)

I have never done anything like this before, and am not technically minded at all. I have the tracks and audacity but I can’t figure out how to do what I want to achieve. Which is basically making 3 songs into one 3 min track, and then I just need to put it onto a CD and a memory stick.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I don’t think this is enough time to bring a newbie up on editing, solve all the problems, and produce a polished, finished product. Had you said the end of August I’d be with you. We have another poster that’s been through multiple days just figuring out how to delete the beginning of a song. Not a warm, fuzzy feeling.

People make a living doing this, it’s not pull it out of the hat simple.

If you’re in a University town, contact them for possibilities. In the US, each university has a small, local radio station and they have people who can do production. Look at production studios or Google Audio Editing Services in your town. Find someone who is doing a good audio podcast in your area and contact them. The first time you have to push a good podcast together, you run into all the basic editing problems at once.

Has the directer ever done this before and who did she get to do the work?


Basically you need to import each of the songs onto its own track - line them up with the Time Shift tool with overlaps and then apply crossfades. Having done that you can then export a 16-bit WAV file of the project and burn it to a CD. Sounds simple - but you’ve got a steep learning curve for a fortnight.

This un-published work-in-progress in the Wiki may help you with the crossfades: http://wiki.audacityteam.org/wiki/User:Stevethefiddle/Fade_and_Crossfade#Creating_a_Crossfade

Other pages you will need from the manual:

But I agree with Koz here - you’re going to need a good following wind to get this done on time - do post back if you get stuck and we’ll do what we can to help you …


you’ve got a steep learning curve for a fortnight.

It’s not two weeks. The end of July could be a week and a half away or less. Fuzzy values should always be assumed to be worst case – and that’s without emergency deadline mobility.

Hopefully the “Gangnam Style” artist PSY will turn a blind eye to your copyright infringement …