I need to 'filter out' or reduce drums, in a song

I am running Windows 7, and using Audacity 2, I am completely new to sound editing, and have looked in the FAQ’s
and also the manuals, but still don’t understand how to go about (step by step, please) filtering out, or reducing drums
in songs (performance tracks) I wish to sing in church.

  1. Jesus, the one and only, Babbie Mason mp3
  2. He has forgiven me, Damaris Carbaugh "
    When I try either ‘low pass’, or ‘high pass’ filters, it seems to distort the sound quality,
    and I’m not sure about the frequency settings any way ?

I have just tried to attach the songs, but I’m being told the file size is too big !
So, I need to convert them to a smaller size (how ?)

I would really appreciate some help,

thanks, in advance.

You can’t “filter out” drums because they cover a wide range of frequencies that mix with the same range of frequencies as other sounds in the music.
If the drums are very loud in the mix, you may be able to make them less prominent by applying the Compressor effect with a high compression Ratio and the Attack / Decay set to minimum. http://manual.audacityteam.org/manual/help/manual/man/compressor.html You will need to experiment to find the best settings.