I need some help

hi i am having trouble getting two mics to work at once on audacity. i have a mixer but its only picking up one mic for some reason. all help appreciated. thanks

You have a mic mixer? Does it mix everything down to a stereo signal? If you’re using a condensor mic, does it have Phantom Power? If all of that is ok, you need to plug the output of the Mixer into the Line In on your soundcard and set Audacity to record from the Line In to 2 channels in the Edit → Preferences → Audio I/O tab.

its a behringer xenyx 802 mixes to a mono and does have phantom

That mixer mixes to stereo. You should have two 1/4" cables running to a y-adapter (2 mono → 1 stereo) plug that you can plug into your soundcard. Once your plugged in, set Audacity to record to 2 channels in the Edit → Preferences menu. You’ll be recording the output of the mixer. If you still only hear one mic, then either your mixer isn’t set up right or you have a dead mic. Swap the mic plugs to test each mic. Then set up the mixer correctly.