Hello all,

I for the life of me cannot get this software to work with the new version.

I cannot:
Get the software to monitor
Cannot get the software to record.

I have tried everything under Gods green earth and this software is usless to me now.

I desperately need some one to walk me step by step on EVERYTHING POSSIBLE that can cause these issues or a list of things to check.


I will provide a cell number and pay someone via pay pal if they are willing to help me figure this out.


What are you trying to record and how are you connected? Are you trying to record from the microphone built-into your computer? Streaming audio? An analog microphone? From a USB microphone or USB turntable?

Sorry I neglected to describe my setup as nothing changed and I just figured everyone would just know…

However I now can record but the playback is super slooooow.

I assume the recording is super slooooow.

How do I get this software to record in normal speed and why would it not record in normal speed to begin with.

I apologize for the frantic post, for whatever reason all the problems have resolved themselves.
Please delete this thread/post.