I just recorded my 1st Audio Book and saved all of my Audacity chapters. They sent it back to me for 2nd time saying i just have spacing issues at the beginning and end of my first 3 chapters. I think no Problem, easy fix. Now none of my save Audacity files will open! i keep getting this message.

Project check of “Introduction by Halsey Taylor_data” folder detected 127 missing audio data(.au) blockfile(s), probably due to a bug, system crash or accidental deletion. There is no way for Audacity to recover these missing files

If you choose the first or second option below you can try to find and restore the missing files to their previous location. Note that the 2nd option, may not show silence.

Please select an action
Close project immediately with no further changes

Treat missing audio as silence(this session only)

Replace missing audio with silence(permanent immediately)

Please tell me there is some way to get my Chapters back?

I am So Depressed!!
Thank you for any help!
Halsey Taylor

I don’t know how your project files got lost, but it happens… :frowning: An [u]Audacity Project[/u] contains many small files as well as the AUP project file. If the files/folders are moved things can get “lost”.

I assume you sent an MP3? I assume you kept an MP3 copy? Ideally, it’s best to edit non-lossy files but the MP3 is probably usable.

Next time, have a backup plan! You might want to do some research into how to properly back up. The extent of your backup depends on the “importance” of the files. If the files are super important and irreplaceable you should have multiple backups including at least one off-site backup (maybe a cloud backup). There are cloud back-up systems that will back up your entire hard drive automatically. But, it’s possible for something to go wrong with that too so if the data is super-important that shouldn’t be your only backup. If loss of a file is simply an inconvenience you can back-up to a “backup” folder on your hard drive. But of course, that doesn’t help if your hard drive dies or if you computer is stolen, etc.

Since AUP projects are multiple files I recommend that you ALWAYS export as a WAV file backup immediately after recording, whether you save an AUP project or not (or multiple WAV files if you have songs or chapters, etc.). It doesn’t hurt to make more WAV backups as you edit.

If that the only problem they found, congratulations!!!