I need help

Hi Everyone,
I have windows 7,64-bit, HP desktop computer.
Not sure how to start except to say I must be really dumb. I just got the Cassette2USB a few days ago and have been trying to
figure it out for about 4 days now. Somehow I managed to get it to record a sample, tape then the one I really wanted. The
CD’s play on my two computers, but will not play on regular CD players. I tried to follow what it said to do but some of the things
it says do not pop up for me to work with. This thing cost me too much money not to work. It’s way too complicated for my
simple mind. What I need is a phone number so I can have someone talk me through each step. I have a very special cassette
of three family members [long deceased] singing when they were young. Like I said I have it on my computer, and it does play
through Windows media player, but I can’t make copies for other family members from that. HELP, PLEASE.

The most likely cause of the trouble is your CD burning program. You have probably made a “data CD” rather than an “audio CD”.
What program are you using to make the CD?

The program I use has always worked for me. It’s called" CyberLink Power2Go".
How do I tell the difference between an audio CD and a data CD? Are they actually
called that or do you choose which you want at the time you record?

I’m having a terrible time figuring out the cassette to CD part of it all anyway.
I need someone smarter than I am to help me do any and all of it.

The CD burning program should have an option for “Data CD” or “Audio CD” and you need to select “Audio CD”.
I don’t use Power2Go so I don;t know where that option will be but it should say in the Power2Go manual.