I need Help with the delay

Dear Audacity fans,

Please i need you help guys…

I just bought my KAT (KMPT1) and connect it to my HP (Pavilion DV6) Windows 7 laptop.

Everything is working fine, but when I plug my headsets in the computer to hear the percussion with music there is too much delay where you are not on track anymore.

Can someone help me in this ! What shall i do ?

My version is Audacity 2.1.2


So you have a KAT (KMPT1) percussion pad.

No, probably not. That’s machine latency, the time it takes for your drums to go into the computer, be processed and then come back out again. It’s not adjustable. Probably the best you can do is play the basic and rhythm tracks into speakers along with the pad. Turn Audacity playthrough off so you don’t get echoes.

The other possibility is use a mixer that can handle “Zero Latency Monitoring.” That manufacturer-speak for listen to yourself without echo. Or you can use a plain analog mixer with a USB interface that has monitoring like the Behringer UCA-202.


Note the earbuds are connected to the Behringer, not the computer.



Thank you so much, I really appreciate your feedback.