I need help with music for the first dance at my wedding

Hello everyone,

I would like to ask if anyone is able to help me with wedding suprise for my future wife? I would like to sing a minute of our first dance. I have a sample of my voice and original music below:

Can someone combine my voice with the original music (the first minute would be my voice and the rest original voice)?
If anyone is also able to upgrade my voice, it would be great…

Not possible to remove the singer from that original music.
You need a Karaoke/instrumental version, e.g. …

thank you for your answer!
Ah, is it possible to combine the karaoke version with the original music (karaoke from the beginning to 52sec and then the original music- from the words “Ma Tremo”)?
I assume that adding my voice to the karaoke version is not possible as well?

No, that’s possible: that’s what Karaoke tracks are for, to sing along to.

Ok, thats good. Thank you :slight_smile:
I am able to merge karaoke track with original version- first 52 second would be karaoke version and the rest original one?

Thank you for your help! I got ready project in audacity. Now I have to upgrade my voice etc. Is it any chance to help me with this?

The free version of Grallion2 is the only free Autotune plugin I’ve seen work in Audacity …

Alternatively, people on Fiverr may be able to help you, (for some €uros).
[ I would not hand over money until I received evidence the job was done ].

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