I need help uploading my podcast please.

I cannot seem to upload my podcast from my email that was sent to me via email from my friend at a radio station can you please help me with this.

Let’s see if I got this.

Most podcasting platforms use a file transfer service, not email. Last check, my email poops out at about 25MB of data attachments and that’s not a lot of show.

You used a station to produce your show and they sent it to you via email attachment?

You should take that up with your podcasting platform supplier. Audacity can convert between formats and change MP3 compressions (for one example). But you need the platform to tell you what they want.


What kind of file and how big? There are email size limits and usually audio files are too big to email.

An Audacity [u]AUP file[/u] by itself isn’t the whole Audacity project and it doesn’t contain any audio. …It’s best not to share or move an actual Audacity project unless you have good reasons.

Maybe they emailed you a link to enable you to download the audio file, rather than attaching the audio file to the email.
There are various reasons a download link may not work:
the download may be password protected, or your computer may have safeguards to prevent you from downloading files.

Do post back if we didn’t understand the question.