I need help troubleshooting buzzing noise in microphone

Recently, I purchased a cheap lavalier microphone, the Boya BY-M1, and noticed that the recordings have a constant electric buzzing noise, similar to the sound produced by a Tesla coil. This issue only occurs when my laptop is plugged in, leading me to believe it’s a case of electrical interference. I tested the microphone on another laptop from a different brand, and it too produced the same electrical noise whenever it was plugged in. I also tried different wall outlets in various rooms and even used a power strip, but nothing seems to fix the issue.

Additionally, one of the laptops has a weird issue where the capacitive touchpad becomes laggy, skippy, and unresponsive after being on for a few hours. From my online research, it seems like this could be due to static electricity build-up on the touchpad.

Is it safe to assume that the wiring in my house might be faulty? Can someone advise me on what to do? For context, I live in an Asian country.

You might try buying a ground loop isolator.

Post some of the noise. A couple of words in normal voice and then 5 to 10 seconds of noise.

Export in WAV. The upload icon is the heavy horizontal bar with up arrow.


Does the noise change if you touch any metal part of the computer? Cup the microphone’s little electronics package in your hand. Does the noise change?

It doesn’t have to go away, but if you can make it change that can be a good clue where it’s coming from.


You already answered the Desperation Method question. Does it work OK on batteries?

In three-prong power countries, one of the prongs is connected to ground and intended as protection in case one of the live prongs gets crossed or damaged.

Microphone sound is really quiet. Something, somewhere has to boost the microphone signal as much as 1000 times for it to be useful. That means you can’t make any mistakes anywhere. Mistakes will get boosted along with your voice.

To bring all this home. When you plug your computer in, the shield in the microphone cable and the case of the computer gets connected to the third prong of the power outlet and every third prong in the house and maybe the neighbor’s houses as well. You turn into a big antenna for electrical trash.

This effect is unstable and you can hear it come and go as you touch things.

If you’re doing simple voice recording, you may be able to use your phone instead of a computer microphone.

You may or may not be able to plug it in to a charger to avoid battery problems.

You might also use a simple portable sound recorder.

Struggling with electrical problems is not fun.


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