I need help recording with Audacity- Windows 10

I have a Casio WK-210 keyboard and a Windows 10 PC, both of which are connected via a USB adapter.

I was hoping to record and edit music from the keyboard by using Audacity on my PC, but I can’t figure out how to record.

Can anyone help?

Does it show-up as a [u]Recording Device[/u]?

The USB connector on that keyboard is for exchanging MIDI data with a computer or other MIDI devices. It is not an audio output for recording sounds.

If your computer has a LINE IN jack, you could connect the keyboard’s headphone output to it if you get a cable with the correct plugs, probably 1/4 inch stereo plug to 1/8 inch stereo plug.

As DVDdoug has alluded to and as jeffm has been saying, in a word, NO.

Audacity has LIMITED MIDI support. It does NOT CURRENTLY support direct MIDI recording over USB. You CAN do this with other software packages, for example, Cakewalk and/or Reaper may be able to do this.

You CAN record the audio (e.g. headphone) output from the Casio if you get a third party USB adapter, such as the Behringer UFO202,UCA202, or UCA222.

Oh, I stand corrected. Which USB adapter are you using? Or are you just talking about a USB cable?