i need help - clipping pro

Hi i need your help

i made an interview today. a very important interview.
there is a bad sound in the recording (clipping i guess)
i tryed 5 hours to fix it but i cant

pls help me!! thx
the mp3 file

That’s not the actual MP3 file. That’s FileUpload.net which keeps trying to install software on my computer.

Can you select a portion of the damage and upload it to the forum?


Audacity does not do forensics. We can’t make a damaged recording and make it perfect, or a barely understandable voice and make it clear. If you have actual clipping, then that may be the end of the show. Effect > Clip-Fix if good to hide minor clipping once every minute or so, not constant damage.

Do you know how you got the damage, why it happened?


It just sounds like clipping : they are discontinuities where bits of audio are missing which are causing the clipping-like noise, (they also occur where the waveform has low amplitude, (low volume), so definitely not clipping).

It’s a hopeless case when many parts of the waveform are missing.

so you dont see a chance to optimize the quality a bit?

No, I don’t think so. You can’t put back the bits that are not there.