I need help changing an entire folder/subfolder's wavs to specific export settings

Heyo, I simply just want to export an entire folder to Mono/48hz instead of a mix of Stereo/44/48hz that I was doing overtime. Is it possible on audacity? I can’t drag the folder into the daw.

thank you :blush:

While Audacity does have macros to gang effects one after the other—see Audacity Audiobook Mastering Macro—it can’t make decisions. There is no “look at a file, figure out what it is, and decide what to do.”

Others may post.


A note that Audacity isn’t a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). It’s a Project Editor. At the end of an edit or production session, you can Save a Project, but you have to Edit > Export to get a WAV or MP3.


but I’m digitally working on audio in Audacity

thanks for the tips, but no solutions sadly :cry: