I need help aligning two audio tracks

One audio track is a clip of a song, the other is the whole song. Ive tried cutting the whole song so that it matches the audio clip, but i cant get it perfectly. the reason i want to align them like this is because one clip has static and the other does not have static. After i align them, i want to find the differences between these two tracks. plz help thx! Windows 10 Audacity v.2.1.3 obtained from .exe

You’re using the idea that you can cancel the two musical tracks leaving the damage.
Select one of the two tracks by clicking just above MUTE. Effect > invert. That should give you tracks that will cancel if you line them up right. Use the Time Shift Tool (two sideways black arrows) to push them back and forth.

But don’t bet the ranch. If either of the tracks is an MP3 then they already don’t match. MP3 creates sound damage and really messes with cancellation.