I need files to be 16 kilohertz

Using Yosemite on Mac. I also use Dragon Dictate 4.0 for Mac. I am a medical transcriptionist and my doctor emails his files to me in a .dss format, as he uses an Olympus recorder. I import the .dss file and convert it to a .aif file so that my transcription program can let me work with it.

I want Dragon to automatically transcribe my files so that I can make corrections and send them back when completed. However, Dragon will not automatically transcribe the files because they are less than 16 kilohertz.

What do I need to do to make these .dss/.aif files at least 16 kilohertz so that Dragon can process them? Please keep in mind that I have NEVER used Audacity before and I"m completely in the dark as far as what to do with the files once I pull them into Audacity. I tried to figure this out earlier today with no success.

I am enclosing a screen shot of the message that Dragon posts when I attempt to auto-transcribe a file.

Thank you for any help.


UPDATE: I was able to find the information I needed. Thank you.