I must be doing something wrong


I am very new to this recording thing, but the pastor wants the services recorded so I am trying to learn. I have a problem with background noise. Of the three services I have recorded, two of them have intermittent bloops in the background throughout the whole service. The third (the middle one), has none. I have no idea why because I was under the impression that my set up was identical all weeks, but I want to figure this out so I can reproduce the good quality recordings. I am attaching two sermons, the earlier one is good, the one from three days ago has the bloops. I don’t see any posts on here that have helped me out, so I am asking your professional ears to give a quick listen and try to identify what is going on.

I am using a lenovo ideapad 110 to record with Audacity 2.2.2. We have a PreSonus Audiobox USB 96 connecting it to our PreSonus 16-ch Digital Rack Mounted Mixer. I thought I was plugging the laptop into our rack power conduit, but it doesn’t sound like electric outlet interference. We have the same wireless headset mic in both cases. I am using the mono-out of the board to go to my audiobox.

Does anyone have any ideas as to what I have done differently from week 1 to week 2?


The first (good) one:

The second (not so good) one:

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I have no idea why because I was under the impression that my set up was identical all weeks,

That’s computers for 'ya! :smiling_imp: Is this a dedicated computer or does it get messed-with during the week? It helps to have a dedicated computer, but even with a dedicated computer, computer’s are the least reliable gadgets we own!

If you’re recording something critical where there’s no possibility of “take two” it’s a good idea to have a 2nd system recording in parallel. That can be another computer, or a solid state recorder, or even a VHS recorder. (VHS Hi-Fi is nearly digital quality.)

I linked to the files in Google Drive. Is that not working for you?

The computer is only “messed with” during the week when I try to edit the sound files. However, we have to do a full set up/tear down every week as we rent space right now.

It’s interference in the form of pulses …

Sometimes that can be due to different software fighting over control of the audio input.
It could be radio interference if it’s a wireless mic, (if that was the case it would have been detectable at the time).

I listen to the computer on headphones with Audacity set for Playthrough. That means Audacity will record the show and turn it around and send it out to the headphones at the same time. Or almost at the same time.

The headphone sound will be delayed and sound like an echo if you can hear the live show and the headphones at the same time. If you have good headphones with heavy ear pads, you can listen to just the Audacity sound and pick up any bad sound right away.

This isn’t going to work if you have to do something on cue, but it’s terrific to pick out sound problems.