ok so ive been working on this song for a while. well i wanted to try some vocal effects without it being permanent on the original file so i made a copy of the file (space rock final demo copy) and i made a copy of the data (space rock final demo data copy) and after messing around with the copy i exited it out without saving. after that i went to open the original file (space rock final demo) and this came up

is there anything i can do to recover the file i worked like a dog on it and im extremely upset now. thank you

The original project name is burned into the AUP file. They will not open up as copies. Clean up your experiment to avoid conflicts (if needed) and rename both back to the original names and the show should open.


Never copy AUP files and _data folders in the same folder using Windows. This can lead to loss of the project if you open and save the copy.

The only really safe way to make a copy of a project is File > Save Project As and choose a new name. The project with the old name closes and you are left looking at the project that has the new name.

See http://wiki.audacityteam.org/wiki/File_Management_Tips#Making_a_backup_copy_of_a_project .