I’m going crazy, one problem after the other , now I can’t record at all


I’m literally loosing my mind …. It’s been three days try to simply record my mix which is played on a Traktor S2 with Traktor pro 3 and be able to hear myself with my monitor and be able to use my headphones for cueing my mix … and if possible a microphone too so I could prerecord my radio show without having to do postprod… … firstly I always had an issue with being able to use the head phones and monitor as two separate channels , but now I straight up cannot even record my mix … first the record button was greyed out and after trying everything I uninstalled it and reinstalled it … I went everywhere trying to configure the sound in windows (control panel , device manager, sound settings), and tried every configuration on audacity …. I don’t understand anymore if I need to have Traktor on play or record (but now it doesn’t appear in my recording options in audacity even though it’s my default recording option in windows) , and im totally confused with Realtek, mme, , primary sound, Realtek exclusive or shared….) …. Please help me … I’ve done it before ( well, always with a monitor/headphone issue but,) it should be simple

What am I doing wrong ? … il send you screenshot in a bit

Transport > Rescan Audio Devices

I did that and it did reappear … I’ve learned that I can’t record a streamed mix (Beatport stream) … so I go WB cable and was close to do it … but now I get this wild feed back so I imagine somehow my mic is on even though I disabled all of them … anyway, even if it would work, I still opulent have a monitor return for what I understand at this point … I need to go on the forums of WB cable, Traktor, audacity and OBS later as my plan was to broadcast … thing is all the videos speak about video game streaming which isn’t my story at all …. Now going to work but I’ll be back, with screenshots hopefully

Thank you for your answer and tip

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