I Love Yall Audacity

I promise, once or if GOD allows me to become rich off of my Music, I am donating to your Corporation. I’ve been using Audacity for about 9 years or so, off & on, you know how Life goes, obstacles… Well since I was a Child editing Samples & stuff & now I’m recording Music, Mixing & Mastering on here, as well as on some other Programs. Now I have a Laptop; I currently have a MacBook with Audacity. I use it quite often & I’m always fascinated with getting better & better with my Talent Skill Set when it comes to Audio Engineering my own Music, Producing my own Beats, & my own Rappin’/Singing/Vocals/Writing. Thanks Audacity, keep up the incredible work & hope to venture into new ideas with you in the future! Much Love Audacity!

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Zeante’ Loud [CEO of LoudMixtapeZ]