I lost my files and dont understand why. Please help, Urgent

I’ll try to explain what happened the best way i can. i had a recording that was 2 tracks, it was done and i saved it as an aud file. in the first track i normalised and compressed, and the second one i just normalised, i realised then that i just wanted to uncompress the 1st track, realising there wasnt an option to do that, and wanting to keep the normalised 2nd track, i copied it and deleted it with the intention of undoing the compression on the first track, and pasting the normalised 2nd track. audacity at this point crashes. No worries, i thought. since i saved the backup and havent saved the file when i deleted the 2nd track. but when i opened the track lo and behold the 2nd track is missing. even when i havent even saved the change that is deleting the 2nd track onto my file. is there any way i can get that 2nd track back?

Undo information is deleted when you save and close an Audacity project.

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