I Lost All of My Work on audacity

Hello, I use audacity all the time and I really enjoy it, its perfect. But recently ive been having big problems on it that I really need help with. Oh by the way the version im using is 2.0.3 Im not sure if its 2.x but I needed help so I decided to post. So I was creating a song, it was about 3 minutes long when it says a problem has occurred and it makes me close the whole thing. Then it askes me to recover it so I press yes, when I recover it it says it has orphan blocks so I say treat them as silence for now. Then when I do that it seems okay. So I save it then when I go back to it later it says it cannot find the file or something like that. When I didn’t touch anything. But I had a backup on a USB drive so I tried to load that one, and it still said the same thing. Ireally want to keep using audacity but I seem to need to find a different DAW because I feel that everytime I start doing good on a song it will just mess up and ill have nothing. Please help me out here. Thanks a lot.

For the record, x is a variable, so 2.x means any version 2.0.0 - 3.0.0.

Anyway, try uninstalling and reinstalling Audacity. Something somewhere probably went terribly wrong (it’s probably not your fault, don’t worry) and so a fresh install should clean it up.

Reinstalling rarely solves problems in Audacity (I’ve not yet come across a single case where it did so).
For some issues, reinstalling and resetting preferences may fix problems. The Windows installer includes an option to reset preferences.

If something like this happens, please make a note (on paper) of the exact message. Audacity has many built in messages that can help us to identify the cause of the problem.

If you have a problem with a project and are able to recover it, use “File menu > Save Project As” and give the project a new name. This will create a new copy of the project and will avoid many potential problems. Use “Save Project As” as soon as the project has been recovered, and then check that the project plays correctly without an problems.

Again, the exact error message will be useful.

I bet you can guess what I’m going to say :wink:
What is the exact error message?