I kept banging the table during recording- is there a way to remove it without distorting my voice?

I tried to use noise reduction, but it just made my voice echo-y and didn’t really do anything to remove the bangs.

I’m using Mac OS Mojave version 10.14

Noise reduction is about removing constant noise, such as hiss, hum, air-conditioners, etc. It will not work to remove intermittent noises.

How many bangs are there? A lot? Then doing it over will be faster than trying to fix it. Find a way to mount the microphone off the table.

If you really want to try fixing it, using spectral editing to isolate and reduce the bangs might be possible, but it will be time consuming and not 100% effective.

– Bill

Find a way to mount the microphone off the table.

What he said. The boom and shock mount technique is the gold standard…

…but you can fake it with home materials.

Also please note the heavy blue furniture moving pad over the desk in both shots.

If the desk bangs are loud enough, there is no good clear voice back there to rescue. Record it again.


The temptation will be to record just those few words and try to slide them in with no fuss. I know Hollywood Professionals who can do that…

I can’t.