I just want a part of the audio

I have a piece of audio, and I want to be able to isolate one particular part of it and save it as its own separate file. Does anyone know how to do this? I feel like it should be so easy but have seen nothing so far in the manual and Google is of no help whatsoever. And yes, I am very new to this. Thank you.

That’s called Isolation. And yes, that’s very rough to do. Under certain restricted conditions you can partially separate the lead singer in the left-right middle of a very high quality stereo show. That’s about it. We can’t take out the third violinist and put her in her own show.

We don’t do forensics, either. Nothing like the CSI shows where they take complete trash and pull legal, actionable voices out of it. I know people who can write that in a TV script, but nobody who can actually do it.


Do you want to create a stand-alone file with a portion of a show between two times, like between 3 minutes and 4 minutes? That’s easy.
Drag-select the portion you want and File > Export Selection. If you want an MP3, you need to install the lame software to do that.

So which of those jobs do you want?