I just lost another song i made please help

ok so I just clicked on one of my songs ive been working on for a while. Then other day it worked. Now when I click on it, it says “Warning Missing Audio Data block files” (29 were found) so I click Treat missing audio as silence. Then it says “Orphan block files found” (66 were found) What does this mean? Half of what I did is silenced and gone?? :angry: PLEASE HELP

What happened to the other songs?

This is my other post I wrote about what happened to the other songs

Hello, I use audacity all the time and I really enjoy it, its perfect. But recently ive been having big problems on it that I really need help with. Oh by the way the version im using is 2.0.3 Im not sure if its 2.x but I needed help so I decided to post. So I was creating a song, it was about 3 minutes long when it says a problem has occurred and it makes me close the whole thing. Then it askes me to recover it so I press yes, when I recover it it says it has orphan blocks so I say treat them as silence for now. Then when I do that it seems okay. So I save it then when I go back to it later it says it cannot find the file or something like that. When I didn’t touch anything. But I had a backup on a USB drive so I tried to load that one, and it still said the same thing. Ireally want to keep using audacity but I seem to need to find a different DAW because I feel that everytime I start doing good on a song it will just mess up and ill have nothing. Please help me out here. Thanks a lot.
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If you are always opening and recovering the same project that has got corrupted somehow, you may get repeated problems even with new material.

For your next project, launch Audacity just by double-clicking audacity.exe or do File > New so you have clean, empty data to start with.

If these projects involve lots of edits, do File > Save Project As… periodically and choose a new name such as my_project_1_30PM_August_13.aup, then you have the previously named project to go back to as backup.

Or you can export backups as WAV files.

If you have missing audio data block files, you can look at Help > Show Log… to see exactly which AU files are missing and where Audacity expects them to be. You can search your computer for those files then if you put them back where the log says this should fix the problem.


So your saying if one project messes up than a completely new song I create will mess up too? Also, what is a AUP? And what do you mean by lots of edits? Do you mean when I like keep fixing stuff then saving?

than a completely new song I create will mess up too?

We’re saying you’re not starting a completely new song. You have damage left over from the song that failed. Start Audacity fresh.

AUP is the Audacity project manager. That’s the file that tells Audacity what to do with all the stuff in the _DATA folder. That’s why losing the aup file is a Really Big Deal and why you can double click on one and the whole show should open.

You can back up to an earlier edit if you save a new Project periodically. I personally use the ISO date and time.


That’s Saturday at 10PM as I write this (in Los Angeles). If I save a new version later, just save the new time. If one of your songs goes into the toilet, then open up the last one and continue on. If you have no backups at all, then you may have no show and no way to get back to one.

Do not use slash marks or other punctuation in a filename.


When you start a new piece of work, start it with a fresh workspace that has no old audio data in it. File > New does that, or if Audacity is closed, double-click audacity.exe in Program Files/Audacity or wherever you have it.

What you don’t want to do is work on some audio, keep crashing, close the track and start working again in there on a new piece. This is dangerous because you still have the messed up data in there from your old piece.

If you had not done File > Save Project for a new piece, you would not have an Audacity project (AUP file and _data folder).

If you don’t want to bother with projects, File > Export… and save as WAV from time to time as you work on your piece. That’s OK for most purposes. If you lose what you did, you can File > New and import the last WAV file you exported.